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Product name:Glycerine


Chemical Formula: C3H5(NO3)3
Appearance: Colorless liquid 
Uses/ Applications:

In foods and beverages, glycerine is used as a humectant, sweetener, and preservative. It is also used as a filler in low-fat products such as cakes. Glycerin and water are used to preserve some types of leaves.

Particularly for the array of additives for this food, glycerine is also known as E422.

Glycerine is also used to product mono- and di-glyceride, which is used as an emulsifier, as well as polyglycerol esters in the manufacture of fats and margarine.

It is also used as a humectant (along with propylene glycol labeled E1520 or E422) in the production of Snus, a Swedish-style smokeless tobacco product.

When used in food, glycerin is classified by the American Nutrition Association as a carbohydrate. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identifies carbohydrate as energy - generating nutrients except for protein and fat. Glycerine has the same calories content as table sugar but low glycemic index and other metabolic pathways in the body should be accepted by dieters instead of table sugar. 

Specification: 250 kg/ drum
Origin: Malaysia

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