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Product name:Preservatives - Sodium Erythorbate E316

Specification: 25kg paper carton.
Origin : Japan (Fuso)
Sodium erythorbate (E316 )  is an antioxidant product, thereby preserving the natural color and flavor typical of each type of seafood, canned food, meat products, and soft drinks.
Application  : 
 Eribate  used for meat products, processed fish such as sausages, sausages, spring rolls, meatballs, fish balls ..., drinking water products.

Use  : 
Eribate  Effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and molds that cause product spoilage (such as viscosity, rot, crow's feet ...)
Eribate  High resistance to oxidation
- Prolonged maintenance time, color retention stable color.

Usage: Eribate into the mixture or preserve it into a 10% solution sprayed onto the surface of the product. 

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