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Flavors in foods are sensory perceptions of food and are determined primarily by the chemical senses of taste and smell. The "trigeminal nervous system", which detects the chemical stimuli in the mouth and throat, as well as senses the temperature and texture of food, plays a very important role in the formation of receptors. recipe in general with food.
There are three basic flavors in the food industry, defined and applied within the EU in Australia.
_ Natural flavors are food flavors obtained from natural plant or animal sources that undergo physical, microbiological, and enzyme processes. Natural fragrances can be used in their natural state, or processed for human consumption but must not contain any "natural" or "flavored" fragrance ingredients. artificial synthesis "
Aromas that have natural characteristics: are food flavors obtained by the synthesis and concentration of substances through physical and chemical processes, having the same organic chemical characteristics as natural flavors. , designed for human consumption. Aromas of natural characteristics may not contain any of the "artificial flavors"
_ Artificial flavors: Food flavors that are not recognized as a natural scent for human consumption, whether processed or not. These fragrances are produced through the process of distillation and the regulation of chemical support of substances of natural origin, crude oil and coal tar. Although they differ chemically, common sensory characteristics are very similar between artificial and natural aromas.

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Used in the production of non-glutinous cakes such as cakes, eggs cakes, chocopie, custard kinds, dumplings, biscuit, snack, ready-made dough types, deep-fried dough of all kinds .... floating dough works to create more porosity of the cake and keep it porous after baking.UPDATE:

Serves as an antioxidant, participates in the synthesis of living enzymes, increases immunity. Besides, this acid is also used as a preservative for food and beverage preparation. UPDATE:
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