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Chocolate is made from the beans of the cacao tree which are dried and ground. The origin of the cacao tree is from Central America and Mexico, the cacao seeds have a specific flavor (slightly bitter). The result of that process is known as "chocolate".
Chocolate is now served with coffee as a new drink and has great benefits when combining both:
- Chocolate helps lower blood cholesterol:
Studies show that regular consumption of chocolate contains plant sterols and flavanols that lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure and promote heart health. Chocolate contains high antioxidants ( that is Flavonoids), when combined with coffee drinks will bring a refreshing drink, anti-aging and prevent cancer.
 - Chocolate helps prevent memory loss: 
Using chocolate with coffee will help increase blood flow to brain, enhance cognitive abilities and memory.
- Chocolate enhances cognitive function:
A study published in Appetite magazine shows that eating chocolate at least once a week has the ability to improve cognitive function, memory and learning.

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