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Product name:Chocolate Flavor Powder


Product's name: Food flavoring - Chocolate Flavor.
Appearance: Chocolate flavor in powder from complete soluble in water.
Origin: France, Belgium, USA, Korea, Vietnam,...
Chocolate Flavor Powder is made from natural ingredients of cocoa, its thick aroma structure, keeps the aroma flavor, characteristic of chocolate.
Outstanding features of Chocolate Flavor: Chocolate flavor naturally characterized by chocolate, good heat resistance.
Application: Confectionery, beverage have flavor chocolate, ice cream, milk....
Chocolate flavored products are on the market: Orion choco-pie, M&M chocolate candy, Ritter Sport's chocolate candy, Hershey's chocolate candy, Dutch chocolate milk, Vinamlik, Nutifood, Sumika's chocolate candy,... 
The trend of chocolate around the world and in Vietnam:  Chocolate is a healthy food, helps lower cholesterol in the blood, prevents memory loss, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. With the benefits of chocolate, the chocolate manufacturing industry will continue to grown. 
_ Noted when using orange flavor: store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, room temperature 25 degrees C.

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