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Product name:Preservative - Tertiary Butyl Hydroxy Quinone (TBHQ)

Chemical formula: C15H24O
Characteristics: A white, creamy white crystalline solid, sometimes pale yellow-brown, with a characteristic odor. Slightly soluble in water (<1%), indefinitely soluble in ethanol, ether, acetate, acetone, ether and propane - 1,2 - diol, lost under the effect of heat.
TBHQ, like many other food additives, it is used to increase the shelf life of food, to prevent food from appearing rancid, smelly. It is a crystalline substance, has a bright white color and has a slight odor. As an antioxidant, TBHQ can protect iron-containing foods from discoloration.
Basically, the mechanism of TBHQ is the same as the phenol antioxidants. Highly effective antioxidant and widely used. It has an effective effect on grease, especially vegetable oil, used in chips, cotton oil, beef balls, dry cereals, pizza and sauces, etc ... 
TBHQ is often used to preserve foods that have smells, colors, and flavors.
+ Products use to decorate food.
+ Assorted fish fillets, frozen seafood.
Packing: 25 Kg/carton
Origin: Europe, America, India.
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