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Appearance: White to pale yellow crystalline powder. When added to water, sodium metabisulfite releases sulfur dyoxide, a dark-smelling gas that makes breathing difficult for some people.  
Chemical Formula : Na2S2O5
Uses / Applications:
Sodium metabisulfite is used as an additive to preserve color, prevent discoloration of food products during processing and storage time such as rice vermicelli, confectionery, jam, chutney, ketchup, fruit juice,...
- Sodium metabisulfite is used as a preservative for canned foods such as vegetables and fruits with the purpose of preventing the browning, the main cause is oxidation and kill bacteria. Maintain storage capacity for food.
- Sodium metabisulfite is used in most alcoholic beverages to prevent oxidation and retain the original flavor of the product.
- Preserving in a cool, dry place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, water, and high humidity, toxic substances, high oxidation, strong acidity.
Origin: Italy.
Specification: 25kg/bag
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