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_ Anti-foaming (breaking agent) is a compound of silicone which is a defoaming agent to effectively remove foam generated during the filling process.
_ Anti-foam help avoid wastage and errors during filling, bottle heaps of food and beverage industry.
_ This is a fine powder and does not affect the health of users, especially the function that will break the foam floating on the water. 
_ Anti-foaming agents (Anti - Foam Xiameter-1520)built to control foam well in both hot and cold environments. 
_ Anti-foaming used in many food industries such as baking, milk production, beverage,...
_ Anti-foaming that helps destroy the amount of foam generated in the processing of foods such as soups, fish sauce, soybeans, tofu,...
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Additives protect products from foaming during filling and transporting products. Suitable for processing beverage, sauce, milk of all kinds. . . UPDATE:
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