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Chemical formula: CaCl2. CaCl2.2H20. CaCl2.4H2O. CaCl2.6H2O
AppearanceSpherical, ring-shaped, cubic form 

_ Calcium chloride is commonly used as an electrolyte and has a salty taste found in sports drinks and other beverages, such as Smart water and Nestle's bottled water. It is also used as a preservative additive to maintain firmness in canned vegetables or in higher concentrations in pickled vegetables to create a salty taste while not increasing the sodium content in foods.
_ It can also be used to make caviar substitutes from fruit juice or added to processed milk to restore the natural balance between calcium and protein for production purposes such as cheese, It is also a thickener for jelly and jelly.
_ Because of its heat-generating properties when exposed to moisture, Calcium Chloride is blended with some special foods to heat up when exposed to water in harsh environments such as military food.
_ Calcium Chloride is also used to brew beer. It works to correct the mineral deficiency in beer brewing water. It enhances beer flavor and creates a sweet sensation.

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