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Yeast extract is a natural product, produced through the hydrolysis process of peptides by natural origin enzymes found in edible yeast or by the addition of food enzymes. Yeast extract is the food ingredients.
• A typical characteristic is to increase sweetness, reduce salt level, increase flavor, heat resistance 1800C
• Ingredients: Nitrogen containers, carbohydrate, nucleotide, trace elements...
• Basic Product Group:
Make the product flavor purer, plumper, more dense, effective in conjunction with other flavors better.
• High I + G product group:
When using extra YE will reduce the appropriate use of other additives such as: I + G, noodles, flavoring. YE Series with high I + G can produce a better sweet feel.
• Product group: Priority raises the original umami sweet taste of meat, the addition of unfinished meat, increased taste, meat, and umami is perfected.
• Pure Flavor Products Group:
Cover not delicious tastes, making it stronger than the meat, boosting spices to stimulate a better sense of meat. The pure YE line can make the root smell of the product darker.
Manufacturer: ANGEL YEAST CO., LTD

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LB55 is the nucleus of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. LB55 is considered a 100% natural food material, not a chemical or food additive, so it can be used in "GREEN" food products.UPDATE:
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