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Product name:Acid Citric Monohydrate


Product's name: Acid Citric monohydrate, Sour powder, Lemon Powder.
Chemical Formula: C6H8O7
Appearance: Acid Citric Monohydrate is a colorless white crystalline powder.
Acid Citric is an organic acid found most in fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit. In food industry acid citric is considered as a natural preservative, added to foods and beverages to flavor, control pH, and antioxidant products.

_ Add flavor to the product
Acid Citric plays an important role in flavor enhancement, especially in the beverage industry, as it provides a sour taste, and regulates the sweetness of many drinks.
_ Natural preservative
Acid Citric inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents the oxidation of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The acid helps create the perfect environment for stabilizing the emulsion. Includes the prevention of fat splitting. Used in the whole milk industry, especially in cheese processing and manufacturing. It can also be used to adjust the pH during beer and wine production.
_ Antioxidants:
Acid citric antioxidant in some frozen products, keep the product fresh longer.
Alcohol: Helps inhibit oxidation and adjust pH.
Beverage: Flavor enhancer, preservative.
_ Confectionery
Prevent oxidation, prevent re-sugar phenomenon, add flavor to the product.
_ Frozen foods:
Acid Citric prevents oxidation of ascorbic acid and changes color, taste. It also neutralizes the excess alkali in the product.
_ Milk products
Acid Citric as an antioxidant and emulsifier in cheese and cream. It also freezes milk to prepare it for cheese making.
_ Canned foods:
Acid Citric is often added to canned fruits to provide enough acidity for the product. In addition, it reduces the required temperature of the heat treatment process while ensuring the requirements of microbiology as well as preserving product quality. Increase the efficiency of the storage process by combining temperature and acid. In canned vegetables, citric acid is the most used tomatoes and onions.

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