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Product name:Food coloring

Food colors are divided into two main types: natural color and chemical synthetic color with the main use is to create and improve the color food, increase the beauty and attractiveness of the food, no nutrition value. Food color additives are permitted by the Ministry of Health in concentrations that comply with Vietnamese standards. There are two main forms: powder or liquid.
Natural food coloring is the color extracted from natural materials such as animals and plants are the safest additive. There are often high-cost disadvantages, less durable under the action of heat, pH fluctuations, leading to the phenomenon of holes, slips. The most common are natural Carotens extracted from yellow fruits, Curcumin extracted from turmeric, Caramel colors made from sugar, ...
Food colors commonly used to produce confectionery, soft drinks, fruit juices, canned food, instant foods, jelly, ice cream cakes, vinegar, wine, beer, cider, processed products available from meat, fish such as roast meat, all kinds of dried meat, sausages and most processed foods.
Food colors permitted by the Ministry of Health's standards must be non-toxic, easily excreted from the body, not degenerated, decomposing during processing such as boiling, cooking, fermenting, frying. Do not mix toxic impurities called food additives. Food manufacturers must strictly use the right amount and state the ingredients on the label. 


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