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_ Vitamin C is found in fresh white fruits such as oranges, lemons, tangerines and is high in green vegetables, especially broccoli, pepper, potatoes, Brussel sprouts, vegetables, tomatoes, watercress, oranges, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit,...
_ Vitamin C in the form of white or yellowish crystals, soluble in water and has a sour taste.
_ Today Vitamin C is no stranger to people an it is present in many consumer goods such as fruits, drinks, confectionery, lollipops, and oral medications.
Specification: 25 kg/ carton.
Origin: Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C: Aland (Jiangsu) Trung Quốc 
1. Promotes collagen formation.
2. Enzyme activators.
3. Join the metabolism of collagen.
4. Join the process of excretion of toxins from the body.
5. Cancer prevention.
6. Anti-cold.
7. Skin protection, anti-wrinkle.
_ Supplementing with food to increase nutritional value, increasing resistance.
_ Used to prevent oxidation, helping flavors and colors not change.
_ Often used in the production of canned and frozen fruit, avoiding browning.

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