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Citric acid is recognized by most countries and international organizations as safe to use in food. It is naturally present in nearly every form of life, excess citric acid is easily exchanged and excreted from the body. However, exposure to dry or concentrated citric acid can cause skin and eye irritation, so labor protection should be used when exposed to citric acid. Excessive use of citric acid also damages tooth enamel. Close contact with the eyes can cause burns and loss of vision.

Acesulfame-K is 180-200 times sweeter than Saccharose sugar. The sweetness starts quickly and the flavor does not last long. Like Saccharin, it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, especially when in high concentrations.

Aspartame is a chemical sugar that is used in place of natural sugar in many food and pharmaceutical products

In addition to the chemical form, it can also be found naturally in fruits such as blueberries (cranberry), peaches, plums, grapes, apples, and cinnamon (the main ingredient is cinnamic acid, copper). metabolism of benzoic acid), clove (clove), cypress (berries) ... with content from 10 - 20 mg / kg. In the world as well as in Vietnam, the Sodium Benzoate standard is used to preserve foods, depending on the content specified under 0.05% or less than 0.2% by product weight.

It is one of the safest and most popular chemicals today. Potassium sorbate is used as a preservative. Chemicals are used in the fields of food storage, wine, and personal care.
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